CAMPERFY - Motorhome renting in Romania

Is the motorhome for YOU?

Usually, when thinking about a holiday we have the tendency to think about the traditional way we are used to: pack a lot of things, through them into the trunk/bus/train or even plane, and after a long or a less exhausting trip we arrive to a hotel room, around which we plan the activities for the days to come.

Nothing wrong about the above, still, if YOU want a change, if you are tired of the crowd, if you want privacy, you can have your hotel room with you, EVERYWHERE and ANYTIME,  without any condition, then it is time to try something new: the camper holiday.

Nu e nimic rău în asta, însă dacă și TU vrei o schimbare, dacă te-ai săturat de aglomerație, vrei intimitate și vrei să poți avea camera de hotel cu tine ORIUNDE și ORICÂND, fără să fii condiționat de nimic, atunci a venit momentul să încerci ceva nou: o vacanță cu autorulota.

inchiriere autorulota
Motorhome renting in Romania
  • 4 sleeping places: queen-size double bed 150×190 and folding electric bed 140×190
  • Truma Combi 6E heating system
  • Stationary air conditioning
  • 350W solar panel system
  • Inverter 1000W
  • 3-burner stove
  • 140 L trivalent refrigerator
  • 120 L water basin
  • Kitchen fully equipped with crockery and cutlery
  • LPG system for use while driving and external charging (from LPG stations)
  • Supports 3 bikes
  • Camping set consisting of a table and 4 chairs
  • External gas/water outlet and barbeque grill
  • Awning 4m

Laika Kosmo 212

Renting a Motorhome for 2 + 2 (4 persons)
  • 5 sleeping places
  • Truma Combi 4 heating system
  • Stationary air conditioning (offcamping also works as an additional option)
  • 700W solar panel system and 3.6kW lifepo4 battery
  • Inverter 500W (extended to 2500W as an additional option)
  • 3-burner stove,
  • 140 L trivalent refrigerator,
  • 120 L water basin
  • Kitchen fully equipped with crockery and cutlery
  • LPG system for use while driving and external charging (from LPG stations)
  • Supports 3 bikes
  • Camping set consisting of a table and 4 chairs
  • Barbeque grill
  • Awning 4m

Benimar Tessoro 463

Renting a Motorhome for 2 + 3 (5 persons)

Campers and Motorhomes are very popular among:

Youth who want to travel
Choose the comfort of a 4****hotel and visit new places, every day. Spend wonderful time with the loved ones at the margin of a forest, or lake. Next day, visit a museum or have a coffee in any town in Europe.
Renting a Motorhome
Families with 1-2 kids
Enjoy an unforgettable holiday with the most loved ones. Up in the mountains or at the seaside, in Romania or in Europa.
Renting a Motorhome
Adventurers passionate about nature
With our outdoor equipped camper, you can spend 2 to 6 days anywhere in the middle of nature during summer or winter. You can spend your holiday disconnected from the town crowd.
Renting a Motorhome
People who can work remote
You work online or you are the owner of your time? Then you can work from everywhere. Choose to rent a camper in order to set yourself free from a burnout or to create a balance between work and private life.
Renting a Motorhome
Entrepreneurs who search for inspiration
An entrepreneur cannot ever disconnect for his own business. Still, he/she can choose to pleasantly combine business with moments of peace.
Renting a Motorhome
Couples who wish an unforgettable honeymoon
Get behind the wheel of a camper and let yourself be driven by inspiration. The holiday in a camper is unique and full of pleasant surprises. So may be your relationship!
Renting a Motorhome
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Services included in a motorhome rental

Usual needs and comfort during travel

All you need for a successful holiday.

Detailed camper use training

We help you adjust to the camper before you start the journey.

Internet 4G + Netflix

Unlimited national internet 4G in Romania

RCA and FULL CASCO insurance available in EU

You travel without stress in Romania and Europe.

Surveilled parking place for your personal car

For your personal car during your camper travel.

Bucharest Transfer to/from the airport

If you land in Bucharest we could arrange for you the transfer to/from airport

(extra fee applicable)

How do you rent?

The steps for Motorhome renting in Romania by Camperfy are the followings:


Check the camper rental conditions

Fill in the web site questionnaire

We establish together the details of the trip

We electronically sign the renting contract

You pay in advance the price for the reservation

You pay the rest 30 days in advance

You pick up the camper form the established location

The moment you decide renting a motorhome you choose to take with you the comfort of a

 4 ★ ★ ★ ★ HOTEL DE

THE PERFECT HOLLIDAY with a motorhome is for you, if:

Why renting a motorhome from us ?

If you have decided to go on a luxury holiday with a camper, you may now search for a camper rental service suitable for your needs and budget. 

So, in order to make sure you will have the benefit of a pleasant journey, we provide you with:

  • A last generation camper, to feel perfect behind its wheel. If you are a committed driver, who really feels disconnected from any stress when driving, then you will love the experience of driving our Laika Kosmo 212 or Benimar Tessoro 463 campers;
  • Fully equipped with all you need in the kitchen (dishes, pots, kettle, cutlery, cups, glasses), in the bathroom or for spending time outdoors. 
  • Design and quality: when you leave for a holiday, you want to feel like you must not give up on your home vibe, good taste and comfort. Not all campers are comfortable and definitely not all producers give special attention to the fabric and details of interior design. Therefore, for clients` respect we chose an Italian model, perfectly harmonized in order to create the feeling of „La Dolce Vita”
  •  Energy independent with our solar system that can provide you offcamping independence, even in cloudy days
  • Free and video surveilled parking, for your personal car during the travel. 
  • Pet friendly camper: do you have a family pet? Of course, you will not let the pet at home! Usually, when you book a camper in Romania you are told that no pets are allowed. We are pet lovers; therefore, we understand the importance of bringing your pet friend with you during holiday!
  • Internet 4G  could ve an advantage for Motorhome renting in Romania. It would be a pity not to share the experience with the loved ones … live.
  • RCA and full CASCO insurance all over Europe.

The benefits for Motorhome renting in Romania with Camperfy

When you book a camper in Romania for the period of your rental, you will FREELY have the benefit of:

  • FULL CASCO insurance in Romania and Europe;
  • One set of bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies and a bed equipped to offer the relaxation you search for whenever you feel the need to relax;
  • Internet 4G and Netflix;
  • Camper use training.

After the rental you receive 10% BACK in the shape of a voucher, which can be used by you or turned into a gift to a friend!